Artist's Statement:

With inspiration from the sea, our pieces are created in the calming and vibrant hues of the sand and water. Our focus is on utilizing found objects (i.e. recyclables and “trash” such as sea glass) from all around the world.

Techniques in hand forging, soldering and the creation of custom fine and sterling silver bezel settings as well as mixed metal settings in 14k Gold, bronze, brass, red brass and copper, highlight the timeless simplicity, tranquility and beauty of each piece of sea glass or gemstone.

Our Recent Work:

Our recent work is REcollection:  Recycled mixed metals and seaglass with the vision that one might have found each of these pieces on a beach walk; The natural, organic perspectives of these "found objects" highlights sea glass, which is formed while tumbling for decades in the oceans, seas, great lakes and rivers. 14k yellow gold fill brings out that aqua colour intensely.

Years of holistic observation and practice lend a certain simplicity to the work with an emphasis that no piece of sea glass is ever altered in any way - this allows each piece to speak to the wearer with its own conviction and purity.

Our Process:

Each Found Object, our favorite of which is sea glass, begins as concept on paper. Each piece receives a custom fine silver bezel, set in 14k yellow gold fill or sterling silver. Each piece is hand-forged in Amelia Island, Florida, with each shape created out of the appropriate gauge of metal with hand tools (saws, pliers, hammers, etc).

The manipulation of each element has the ultimate goal of attachment  via soldering or soft soldering techniques.

That is when the job of polishing begins, starting with tumbling and ending with the buffing machine.

The union of the separate elements by setting each stone or piece of sea glass into the bezel and burnishing, and the final realization of the 3D work is the most brilliant part.

Artist's Resume:

Upcoming Juried Art Festivals:

4/15/17  The Mandarin Art Festival (Jacksonville, FL)

4/22/17  Jax Arts in the Park (Jacksonville, FL)

4/29-30/17 Cherokee Park Art Festival (Louisville, KY)

5/6-7/17  Amelia Island Shrimp & Art Festival (Amelia Island, FL)

5/12/17  Moxie Craft Festival (Brunswick, GA)

Mem. Day Weekend: Jacksonville Jazz Fest (Jacksonville)

Past Juried Art Festivals of Note:

2016 Gasparilla Festival of the Arts as an Emerging Artist (Tampa, Florida)

2017 Glynn Visual Arts Spring Art Festival (St. Simon's Island, GA)

2016 Halifax Art Festival (Daytona Beach, FL)

2016 Telfair Art Museums Art Festival (Savannah, GA)

2016 Holiday Artisan's Faire (Atlantic Beach, FL)

2016 Dickens on Centre (Amelia Island, FL)

2016 Amelia Island Shrimp and Art Fest, Fernandina Beach, Florida

2016 Mandarin Art Festival, Jacksonville, Florida (3/26/16)

2016 New Smyrna Beach Art Festival (2/27/16)

2016 Port Orange Art Festival, Port Orange, FL (4/16/16)

2016 Hibiscus Art Festival (Vero Beach, FL)

2015 Cocoa Beach Art Show (Cocoa Beach, FL)

2015 Halifax Art Festival (Daytona Beach, FL)

2016 New Smyrna Beach Art Fiesta (New Smyrna Beach, FL)

2015 Ormond Granada Festival of the Arts (Ormond Beach, FL)